Remote software development for robomobile
During the coronavirus pandemic, Russian schools switched to online classes. Additional classes for children in thematic circles and sections either stopped, or also switched to online. As a result, the school Olympiad in robotics will not be held in the usual face-to-face format. Under these conditions, the Popkov Robotics company decided to give high school students the opportunity to remote programming and checkout of algorithms on equipment that can be located many thousands of kilometers away.
This equipment is models of self-driving cars with technical vision.
Stage of work
Where do we start?
We get acquainted with the materials on the complex-hardware, software, examples. The section is constantly updated.

The documents are here.
There are two possible options.
1. You send us the program text for Arduino Nano, we compile and upload it to the robomobile controller.
2. You connect remotely to the robomobile via SSH (Secure Shell), download Jetson to the on-board computer, and compile your programs.
What is the result?
We watch the reaction of the robomobile under the control of your program in real time through the general view camera. It is possible to connect to the robomobile camera to understand the operation of the technical vision program.
Examples of performing tasks in remote mode - source codes are downloaded remotely to the on-board computer, debugged, compiled, and executed on it.